Fine Living Kitchens

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Fine Living Kitchens

The unique styles and shapes of free-standing cabinetry allow for a more individual layout and give a living room feel. The combinations are endless, utilising the beauty and colour of the wood to create distinctive pieces with a timeless quality.


This kitchen combines the best of both worlds: a modern working kitchen with a classic vintage atmosphere.

Within this kitchen there is practical storage and plenty of display units. The tongue & groove panelling gives it a dresser style.


It has granite worktops on the main kitchen with solid wood worktop on the island to add warmth to the rich dark wood. Reflecting the character of the home.

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The kitchen is the centre of family life, a room where friends can get together, a place for relaxing and socialising. Choosing a kitchen is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. How do you go about creating a kitchen that you and your family will enjoy living and working in?