Sinks & Taps

Kitchen design nowadays not only focusses on choosing the right kitchen cabinetry for you, but also includes selecting the correct style of sink and tap suitable for your kitchen.

Gone are the days where the only option in both sinks and taps was stainless steel. Although this material is still a very popular choice for customers there is much more variety available which, if you choose wisely, can enhance the uniqueness of your kitchen.


There are 3 main designs of sinks to consider if you are at the initial stage of designing your kitchen. These are inset, undermount or a Belfast style sink. Inset sinks are installed from above into your worktop, undermount are installed underneath the work surface and Belfast can be designed as a freestanding feature or sit on top of the base units. Whilst it is important to note that the undermount style of sinks are not compatible with laminated work surfaces, the wide variety of sinks available for you to choose from will ensure you will find the ideal sink for your kitchen. Sinks are available in many materials from stainless steel, ceramic, Silgranit, Fragranite for example and available in a wide variety of colours.



The style and finish of taps also vary widely and all depends on your choice and style of kitchen. Taps are available in metallic finishes such as Pewter, Manganese, Brushed Copper and even Rose Gold for example along with various other finishes which can complement other hardware to create your bespoke kitchen. Its even possible now to have one tap providing many functions – boiling, filtered, hot and cold water. Another very important factor to consider is the water pressure in your home. Depending on what water pressure you have might also affect your choice of tap.

So whatever your choice, do your research and make sure you are happy with the sink and tap you
have selected for your kitchen

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